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Order the Complete Set of Audio Recordings from the 3rd quarter of 2011.

Stonyhill Nuggets 2010Get your copy right away and be able to listen to all 11 Stonyhill Nuggets from the 3rd Quarter of 2011.

These are some of the topics discussed in these Nuggets.

  • How To Manage Change
  • Manage Change Without Fear
  • Surviving Divorce – A Journey into the Wilderness
  • Relationships and Transitions–The Five Most Important Insights Needed To Survive Divorce
  • The Unconscious Fear of Success Can Sabotage Your Future
  • Success and Persistence are Good Friends
  • What's in Your Cup?
  • The Power of Story - Re-Writing Your Life Story
  • 9A's + 3 - A Spiritual Practice for Relationships
  • Manage Strong Feelings

And get the audio download of the 3rd quarter of 2011.
Enjoy listening to 1 hour and 40 minutes of insights to help you with your authentic spiritual growth and create the life you want to live.


The mission of Stonyhill is to enable the conscious evolution of our species, support the growth of an authentic "human" spirituality, and awaken our individual and collective ability to manifest compassion…..the heart of happiness and success in life.

Stonyhill Nuggets 2010

Until we change the way we think and behave, happiness, success, and healthy relationships are going to be very difficult to achieve.

Stonyhill's mission is about developing the skills and insights we need to change the way we think so we can……

  • achieve greater happiness and success,
  • recognize that a healthy body is needed to support a healthy mind,
  • create healthier relationships with those around us,
  • become individually and collectively more compassionate,
  • support the evolution and transformation of our primitive ego consciousness into that of a more matured, enlightened observing consciousness, and
  • to create an evolutionary spirituality that supports our emerging global yearning to evolve our individual and collective human consciousness.

If you are struggling to:

  • find purpose in your life,
  • to deepen meaning in your life,
  • to find a cause or mission,
  • reduce loneliness by belonging or being part of something bigger,
  • if you are depressed or unhappy, or
  • want to develop the skills and insights to be more successful or,
  • have healthier relationships with those around you,
  • develop an evolved and healthy psychology,

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Dick Rauscher

Dick Rauscher


The Stonyhill Newsletter / Blog and the videos related to each Newsletter are designed to teach the insights and everyday wisdom contained in Primitive Ego Psychology. For more technical, in-depth articles on Primitive Ego Psychology and Primitive Ego Theory go to the Stonyhill website at www.stonyhill.com/articles.htm

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